• 250+ years of industry 
  • Stable political system, EU member, part of Schengen
  • Strategic location with excellent access to / from Europe
  • A functional ecosystem interconnecting private, public and academic sectors
  • 18,633 EURO = GDP per citizen
  • Functioning support for innovative business and commercial exploitation of research and development
  • Center of international trade fairs and exhibitions, visited by more than one million visitors annually
  • Young & educated workforce – 11 universities, 62,000 university students
  • 49% of students study at technology universities 

What’s the ace up our sleeve in creating the best environment for business in recent years? Networking and cooperating! For a long time we’ve had the public, private and academic sectors cooperating with each other and the results are all around us. Just look at the dozens of successful local and foreign companies known throughout the world. People here are open-minded and forthcoming and everything is close and within reach. And getting valuable contacts here is so simple!

And what about other benefits of #brnoregion? Cost-effective and educated. Its strategic location in the very heart of Europe, right at the source of qualified university graduates who speak foreign languages, turned it into a popular place to do business in Europe. It doesn’t matter whether you’d like to found a startup, manage a successful company or look for a good thing to invest into. Business is well supported here in every single phase.


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