We are a new medical research center focusing on the most serious diseases and disorders affecting the heart and the brain, such as  Alzheimer´s Disease, cardiac arrhytmia, chronic inflammation, coronary artery disease, heart failure, myocardial infarction, mild cognitive impairment, non-Alzheimer dementia, selected forms of cancer, sleep apnea, and stroke.
We are very international – more than 20% of our researchers are foreigners and they come from 19 countries of Europe, Asia and the Americas. Several foreigners are heads of research groups and the Chair and one of the vice-chairs of our center are foreigners too.
Gregor Johann Mendel, who discovered the laws of inheritance and thus laid foundations to modern genetics, started his career in our hospital in 1848 – you can advance your career in our research center too.

Foreign talents contact

Ana Rubina Perestrelo is a postdoctoral researcher and technology transfer scout at FNUSA-ICRC. A Portuguese native from the Madeira island, she moved to Brno in 2014, after finishing her master studies in Bioengineering and PhD in Biomedical Sciences at University of Algarve (Portugal), in the pursuit of an experience abroad.

The good working conditions offered by FNUSA-ICRC and the young and friendly atmosphere of Brno lead her to stay. She has been in Brno long enough that she feels the city as her own. Don´t hesitate to contact her with any question you have about working in ICRC or living in Brno from a foreign perspective.