Phonexia transforms voice to knowledge with its innovative speech analytics and voice biometrics technologies. Its Phonexia Speech Engine is the first on the market using exclusively deep neural networks to provide extremely accurate and fast results.

The Phonexia Speech Platform packs a wide range of speech technologies into a single, highly modular platform that is easy to integrate with other solutions. Phonexia innovation is available through network of integration partners. A university spin-off, Phonexia has been delivering its technologies to call-centers, financial institutions, and security agencies in more than 60 countries since 2006.

Us and foreign talents:

In Phonexia are working 3 foreign employees. One of them is from EU, two others are from non-EU countries. We are using services of Brno Expat Centre as well as help from our lawyer who usually takes care about all the mandatory documents. Relocation process is not too complicated and it takes up to four months.
We are doing our best in communication and support before and during the relocation process. We offer Czech lessons free of charge as a company benefit to all our foreign employees  (to provide them even better support). Moreover complete company´s communication and documents are available also in English.