The Simulation Centre looks like a modern hospital – there is a heliport on the roof, operating theatres on the clinical floor, intensive care units, medical devices, and simulators. The chief difference is, of course, that instead of human patients, the hospital is full of mannequins.


Of course, the students are real. At more than 1,000 simulators, they can practice everything from fine motoric skills to handling stressful situations occurring during critical events at the operating theatre or wards – all under the supervision of academic lectors and, in some subjects also, more than 200 student teachers.


According to SIMU’s unofficial motto, it is a place to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. During your studies at the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University, you can enjoy a rare chance to experience the interconnection between medical simulations and clinical practice at faculty hospitals.


Check out what the education-in-practice looks like!


SIMU is complementing the existing curricula with a unique aspect of acquiring individual skills and procedures by means of simulators. Students can practice from low-fidelity simulation training, problem-based lectures using virtual patients, and manual skills training to advanced high-fidelity simulation training.


At SIMU you can find for example, advanced patient simulators of children and adults, a geriatric nursing model, pregnant women or newborn simulator, an incubator, a mechanical ventilation support simulator, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) simulators, and an ultrasound simulator.


At SIMU there are also 70 advanced simulators for teaching dentistry.


SIMU is, of course, not only about figurines. There are courses where participants learn to use the diagnostics techniques like ultrasound examination.


SIMU offers a safe space for practicing to students of all medical fields including obstetrics, both in Czech and in English, thus paving a way for another generation of international students.


SIMU is the best-equipped simulation centre in central Europe – the importance of the project was acknowledged by Czech prime minister Petr Fiala, who attended the opening ceremony.

20. 07. 2022


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