Getting help

We sincerely hope you will never need this section. Anyway, there is a list of lawyers as well as help and support centres and emergency numbers.


112 - the European emergency number. Calls can be answered not only in Czech, but also in English, German, Polish, Russian and French with the help of a translating software.

The national emergency numbers are:

  • 150 – fire brigade
  • 155 – rescue/ambulance
  • 156 – metropolitan police
  • 158 – police


Celzus charity organisation offers professional social counselling and basic legal advice to all. They can also help you with recognition of your degrees and qualifications from abroad (nostrification), retraining programmes (requalification), personal assistance during appointments with municipal and state authorities including OAMP (Department of Asylum and Migration Policy).


The Brno Expat Centre provides free consultation and assistance. They have professional knowledge of the legislation and bureaucracy concerning a foreigner’s stay in the Czech Republic, and thanks to frequent contacts with officials know how the legal regulations are interpreted in practice.

The Centre for Foreigners JMK

The Centre for Foreigners of the South Moravian Region (JMK) is the best place for new incoming foreigners with a wide range of services. Their priority is to provide services and qualified support for every foreigner with legal status in the Czech Republic through an individual approach in a friendly environment of willingness and penness. Do not hesitate to contact them everytime!

In Iustitia

In IUSTITIA provides legal assistance and focuses on improving access to justice for foreign nationals living in the Czech Republic.