So close to other European cities

Now it looks like we’re trying to attract you to #brnoregion only to immediately send you away, right? Don’t worry, it’s not like that. We just know that if you need a long-term basecamp for short trips around Europe, Brno is the right place. Two hours to Vienna and Bratislava, less than four to Krakow or Budapest, a short flight to London, Milan or Berlin…

Attractive price-performance ratio

Location is the reason why digital nomads appreciate places like Berlin, too. The thing there, though, is that things are cheaper in Brno, and your money buys you very good things here, such as excellent coffee from local roasting places, quality food, Moravian wine, Czech beer or the numerous cultural events. So with Brno, the location is equally awesome and, unlike other places, living here doesn’t mean risking bankruptcy.

Community of willing people

There are nomads who travel their own counties as much as the rest of the world, knowing that there are things to be discovered everywhere. One of them is Matouš Vinš, a passionate nomad and promoter of traveling and the digital nomadic lifestyle in the Czech Republic. Here’s what he had to say about Brno:

“Often I say that Brno is similar to Chiang Mai in Thailand; nobody understands why I spend so much time there. One of the reasons is the community. In Brno, you can get to anybody else through just one person. You meet lots of interesting people in chill-out mode, both locals and nomads. For example, the nomads in London or Lisbon are interested in performance and they often discuss money over lunch. In Brno, we talk about how we can help each other or resolve a problem together. And that’s important for living somewhere for a long time as well as something that makes you want to come back.”

Brno is compact

Some would say it’s small. This doesn’t matter, though, when even a small area provides you with all you need for your life: housing, restaurants and pubs, culture, interesting architecture as well as green parks… And what’s more, most places are so close that you can easily walk there.

Wi-Fi wherever you look

You can work almost anywhere here: in the local Impact Hub, which is beautiful, full of light and green plants as well as the biggest in Europe, or in a café, as you can connect to Wi-Fi in almost any of them as you enjoy their excellent coffee. Czech cafés aren’t places to just have a quick espresso, as it’s pretty common for people to spend several hours there.

Nature is just around the corner

Whispering of trees in the woods, wandering the steppes, swimming in a quarry, taking a boat across the Brno dam… It’s all here, and we’re happy to share! True, no sea or mountains on our menu, but the Czech countryside is very safe. Our only poisonous animal is a viper, but it’s extremely timid, which means that the most dangerous animal out here is the tick.
Also, the entre #brnoregion is intertwined with hiking paths that are all perfectly marked, making it almost impossible to get lost.

“What I enjoy about Chiang Mai is that I can get on a motorbike and it takes me just ten minutes to reach the jungle. In Brno, I get on a train and in just ten minutes I reach the Moravian Karst,” says Matouš to emphasize just how easy it is to get to the woods and unique caves here.

And then there’s Pálava!

We could spend hours describing its beauty, but it’d be best if you come and absorb its variable character and amazing atmosphere yourselves.

“I keep saying that Pálava is the most beautiful place in the world, and I absolutely insist on it,” says Matouš dreamily.


10. 02. 2020
Photos: Matouš Vinš,


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