Smartlook is an analytics solution for both websites and iOS/Android apps. Understand precisely how customers interact with your website and app from the user's perspective: our customers can watch recordings, use automatic tracked events and heatmaps, and build conversion funnels. Smartlook cuts out all the guesswork and enables brands to see – and share – their data more clearly – all in one central place. This means clear decision-making for product managers, marketers, UX designers and developers.

Can it be measured? Can it be improved? These are the questions we ask ourselves at Smartlook. Our solution harnesses the power of data analytics to measure anything with ones and zeros.

That said, people are more important to us than mere numbers. That's why we serve 2800+ paying organizations from all around the world. Originally from Brno, we now have offices based in Prague and The United States and our team currently has around 90 people.
Why work with us? Because we understand the mindset of people who desire to build great things. Our tech startup is growing. We want to continue thriving. If you have a creative mind and want to help us take Smartlook to the next level, we want you working for us.