Brno is home to an interdisciplinary network of IT professionals thanks to the cooperation between our government, universities and national and international companies. We are a development centre of antivirus protection technology. 

home to the National Cyber and Information Security Agency
the first unicorn company originally from Brno
€800 mil.
€800 mil.
the estimated turnover of 5 biggest companies in #brnoregion
1500 employees
employees in #brnoregion
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"We are part of the #brnoregion innovation ecosystem, where experts from academia, security forces and the commercial sector meet. Brno has historically been referred to as the Czech Silicon Valley, and major companies and public institutions operating in information technology and cybersecurity have their headquarters here. The creation of the CyberCampuscz area results from the concentration of organisations active in this field." 

Tomáš Plesník, Cyber Security Division, Institute of Computer Science, MUNI 


CyberSecurityHubcz is an expert cybersecurity organisation founded in 2020 by three universities – Masaryk University, Brno University of Technology and Czech Technical University in Prague. It shapes the future through research cooperation, expert services, and the development of cutting-edge infrastructure. 


  • Connects top research institutions, specialised business clusters, professional organisations and public authorities. 

  • Coordinates the CyberCampuscz

  • Builds physical and technological infrastructure, such as the KYPO CRP cyber polygon and laboratory. 

  • Provides testing, training, innovation and support for SMEs and public administration. 

More information:

  • It is one of the European Centres for Digital Innovation (EDIH), and the only one in the country focused on cybersecurity. 

  • Thanks to the Hub, cybersecurity research activities cross sector and discipline boundaries. 

  • The hub's services are free of charge for clients, funded by the Digital Europe programme and the National Recovery Plan.  


CSIRT-MU (Department of Computer Science at MUNI)

The first certified security team in the Czech Republic. Since 2009, it has been protecting the cyber environment, transferring research findings and development projects into practice, and educating users not only at MUNI. The goal of its projects is research and development to raise the level of cybersecurity at home and worldwide. 

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication BUT

The Department of Telecommunications has a laboratory with quantum communication infrastructure for teaching and research in quantum security. There are facilities for stress testing, generation of cyber attacks and development of high-speed FPGA network cards. The laboratory is also used for cyber security training on the unique BUTCA platform (Brno University of Technology Cyber Arena). 



The conference, organised by the National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NÚKIB), is a platform for connecting the government, academic and private sectors in cybersecurity. The annual event aims to educate organisations and the general public under the Cybersecurity Act. 



Masaryk University 

  • Faculty of Informatics

University of Defence

  • Faculty of Military Technology

Brno University of Technology

  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication 
  • Faculty of Information Technology 
  • ProCyber — Master of Science in Cybersecurity


[] Strength of Brno-Based Cyber Security Innovations Confirmed by Dynatrace’s Acquisition of Runecast
24. May 2024
[] Strength of Brno-Based Cyber Security Innovations Confirmed by Dynatrace’s Acquisition of Runecast
Founded a decade ago in Brno, Czech Republic by a team from Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Kyrgyzstan, and Serbia, Runecast has evolved into a robust entity with a global client base, including banks, healthcare organizations, and financial institutions. The finalized acquisition by Dynatrace marks a milestone in Runecast’s journey, showcasing the potential within the Brno innovation ecosystem.
Speech technology: the great helper from Brno region
28. March 2024
Speech technology: the great helper from Brno region
Brno is known for its strong IT community that pushes the boundaries of technological progress. Speech technologies have also long had their firm and well-deserved place here.
Brno region has emerged as one of the leading European innovation hubs
20. March 2024
Brno region has emerged as one of the leading European innovation hubs
The Brno region, The South Moravian Region (SMR) (Czech Republic, European Union) has emerged as one of the leading European innovation hubs, with its Regional Innovation Index (RII) jumping from 87.3 to 101% of EU average between 2016 and 2023, an improvement of 22.3%. A global leader in electron microscopy, with one-third of the world's electron microscopes coming from Brno, Brno region excels also in the semiconductor, space, cybersecurity, and game development sectors. Leading the Czech Republic in knowledge intensity and high-tech employment, Brno region matches Europe's top regions. Brno's high quality of life and ranking as a leading student city highlight its role as a center of innovation and growth. It stems from the data report on research, innovation, and business in South Moravia, published by the innovation agency JIC.