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Game industry in #brnoregion

Brno is the capital of the Czech game industry and is on its way to becoming even the capital of the European game industry. Digital games are already the largest cultural export of both this region and the entire country.
game development studios
game developers in the Brno GameDev Area community
such as Mafia, Vietcong, Dead Trigger, Machinarium & Codenames
attendees at the annual international Game Access event

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"It's all about whether there are studios in the region that make globally successful games. And Brno has been doing that for a long time. If we stay with one game that was once a success, as was the case with the first Mafia, it won't be enough. Fortunately, over the past 20 years, there have been more and more successful titles, and as a result, the motivation of people in the region to make games has grown. Studios are always looking for new talented developers, and those who want to prepare well for the profession now have the opportunity to study game development properly." 

Roman Hladík, 2K Czech and the Game Cluster 

Game Cluster

A non-profit association of people interested and active in the game industry in #brnoregion. The cluster brings together the activities of various entities – from individuals to associations and development companies to schools and universities. They support all activities related to both digital and board games. 

Main activities of the Game Cluster

  • Communication and cooperation between game developers and companies
  • Spreading awareness of the importance of games and promotion of the game development profession. 
  • Helping talent entry into the industry – information, databases, internships, incubators. 
  • Supporting education – schools, courses, retraining. 

Other activities:

  • Consulting – professional help, consultation, know-how
  • Representation at international meetings, conferences and exhibitions 
  • Connecting the gaming industry with regional/state authorities and their institutions


GameDev Area

Brno's game community, which brings together more than 800 game developers. They meet regularly at meetups and other events.  



The first game incubator in the Czech Republic. It provides facilities, education and mentoring for game startup projects. Its program, in addition to the development of game development skills, focuses mainly on the topic of entrepreneurship in game development. 


There are more than 40 development studios in Brno. They focus mainly on the development of games for PC and consoles, which predominate over the development of games for mobile platforms. Board games and barrier-free video games (e.g. for the visually impaired) are also globally successful. A detailed overview of these can be found on the GameDev Area website.



Game Access

One of the most progressive gamedev events in Europe. It offers lectures, workshops, panel discussions and presentations of the latest games. Every year, the event attracts leading Czech and international experts, prominent game developers, producers, designers and, last but not least, enthusiastic video gaming fans who can try out the latest titles in the game zones.
Game Access


Visual Informatics – Development of computer games

  • Faculty of Informatics MUNI

Theory of Interactive Media – Courses on the research of digital games, design or prototyping

  • Faculty of Arts MUNI

Game Media Studio and Intermedia and Digital Art

  • Faculty of Fine Arts BUT

Computer Game Music

  • Faculty of Music JAMU

Production of 3D art and work with game engines

  • SŠ Strážnice

Game Art 

  • SŠUD and VOŠ Brno

Studio Specialization for Game Development

  • SŠUM Brno

Coding, 3D art – Development of Digital Games

  • SPŠ Brno, Purkyňova
  • SŠTE Brno, Olomoucká


[] Madfinger Games Celebrates the Successful Launch of Gray Zone Warfare and Will Talk Its Development at the Game Access Conference in Brno
25. May 2024
[] Madfinger Games Celebrates the Successful Launch of Gray Zone Warfare and Will Talk Its Development at the Game Access Conference in Brno
Madfinger Games, a game development studio from Brno, Czech Republic, proudly announces the success of its newly released PC game, 'Gray Zone Warfare'. A realistic shooter game was one of the top ten most anticipated titles on the Steam platform and sold over 800,000 copies of the base game and 400,000 DLC editions within just two weeks of its release on April 30, 2024.
Brno region has emerged as one of the leading European innovation hubs
20. March 2024
Brno region has emerged as one of the leading European innovation hubs
The Brno region, The South Moravian Region (SMR) (Czech Republic, European Union) has emerged as one of the leading European innovation hubs, with its Regional Innovation Index (RII) jumping from 87.3 to 101% of EU average between 2016 and 2023, an improvement of 22.3%. A global leader in electron microscopy, with one-third of the world's electron microscopes coming from Brno, Brno region excels also in the semiconductor, space, cybersecurity, and game development sectors. Leading the Czech Republic in knowledge intensity and high-tech employment, Brno region matches Europe's top regions. Brno's high quality of life and ranking as a leading student city highlight its role as a center of innovation and growth. It stems from the data report on research, innovation, and business in South Moravia, published by the innovation agency JIC.
Gamebaze, the first game incubator in Czechia opens in Brno
25. September 2023
Gamebaze, the first game incubator in Czechia opens in Brno
The Gamebaze incubator was created as a joint project of the local community of game developers GameDev Area, the Game Cluster and KUMST creative hub, which is powered by JIC innovation agency. Gamebaze offers game developers and studios a wide range of educational events, consultations with experts and a shared coworking space.