Since being founded in Brno 30 years ago, TESCAN - a global producer of electron microscopes headquartered in Brno - develops and manufactures the state-of-the-art equipment for exploring the nanoworld has grown into a holding company with more than 14 subsidiary branches on 4 continents. More than 800 employees ensure that TESCAN customers can use hi-tech devices every day to help them extend the limits of scientific knowledge and keep one step ahead of the competition. More information on www.tescan.com.
At TESCAN, we welcome both experienced professionals with years of experience and recent graduates with a predominantly technical or natural sciences focus, especially in positions within R&D (mechanical design, SW, HW, physics, systems engineering), service support or global applications. We also encourage student collaborations in the form of long-term paid internships during studies or flexible working arrangements.
TESCAN 's rapid development has meant a demand for talent from all around the globe. At TESCAN, what matters is not the nationality, gender or the language one speaks, we are open to everyone who wants to join us in our mission. We offer all the necessary support, whether it's helping with the visa process, a welcome package for foreign colleagues or supporting integration into one of our multicultural teams, you can count on TESCAN as a partner.
You will feel welcome here, but the first step is yours – tell us more about yourself and send us your CV.