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Meet the universities

Check out our public universities which offer degree programmes in English. Choose from a wide offer of technology, humanities, science or agricultural programmes and join #brnoregion’s student community. 
Brno University of Technology Brno University of Technology
Brno University of Technology (BUT) is the largest technical/engineering university in the Czech Republic and one of the leading educational, scientific and research institutions in Central Europe. Its tradition dates back to 1899, more than 115 years later, the university has 19 000 students.
Engineering Architecture Economics Fine arts IT Natural sciences
Masaryk University Masaryk University
Masaryk University offers the best facilities and state-of-the-art equipment while maintaining a pleasant atmosphere for studying and work and a personal attitude towards students. Tackle contemporary challenges of the global world using the best resources available, including a polar station in Antarctica, an experimental humanities laboratory or a cybersecurity research polygon.
Administration Arts Economics Education IT Law Medicine Natural sciences Pharmacy Social sciences Sports
Mendel University Mendel University
MENDELU is one of the Czech leading educational institutions in the sphere of life sciences. In its modern laboratories academic staff deal not only with crop production and animal breeding but also with food production, agroecology, virtual reality or wood technology. International teachers and interesting opportunities to study abroad make MENDELU very attractive for international students.
Economics Agriculture Forestry Horticulture International studies Wood processing IT
 University of Veterinary Sciences Brno University of Veterinary Sciences Brno
The University of Veterinary Sciences Brno is the only university in the Czech Republic where veterinary science programmes are studied. Students will learn to treat and protect animals, supervise food safety or even ride a horse. The campus offers perfectly equipped clinics and other departments. Students are tought how to use their heads when working with animals, ensuring their protection and performing food safety inspections, through both lectures and practicals. 
Dogs, Cats and Pet Animal Diseases Food Safety and Quality Genetics, Breeding and Animal Reproduction Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology Veterinary Medicine
University of Defence University of Defence
The University of Defence primarily educates military professionals and experts to work for national security and defence systems as requested by the Army, government administration and obligation to other democratic countries. The University offers education in programmes focused on military, military management, economy, engineering and health and medicine. The school is open to civilian and international students, too. 
Engineering Economics Health and medicine Military Military management
Janáček Academy of Performing Arts Janáček Academy of Performing Arts
The Janáček Academy of Performing Arts (JAMU) is an art higher education institution and currently consists of two faculties, the Faculty of Music and the Theatre Faculty. Fields of study cover a wide range of musical and dramatic arts, such as percussion, string and wind instruments, conducting, singing and opera directing, jazz, musical composition, theatre dramaturgy and directing, drama and musical acting, physical theatre, drama education, theatre and music production, scenography or radio and television dramaturgy and screenwriting.
Dance Arts Conducting Dramatic Arts Percussions Wind instruments String instruments

Ask locals

If you have any questions about students' life in #brnoregion, just ask our international students!
Camille Paris
Student / Masaryk University
Currently studying masters in International Relations and European Politics in Masaryk University, I first came to Brno as a French-Canadian vet student in VFU. Throughout the years I've had the chance to evolve a lot outside of the university sphere, especially in sports. I'm very involved in dog mushing sports, training and competing, and even wore the Czech national colors on the last championships... to tell you how much I've grown to love the country! Aside from that, I'm very passionate about community inclusivity and empowering, as well as development from a local regional to a large scale level.
Camille Paris
Lizeth Katherine Tinoco Navarro
Ph.D. student and laboratory technician / CEITEC BUT
I am finishing my Ph.D. in material sciences and working part-time as a laboratory technician. After studying in my home country, Colombia, I also did research in Brazil and came to Brno to research the use of photocatalysis for environmental applications.
Lizeth Katherine Tinoco Navarro
Victory Jacques
Ph.D. Student / CEITEC BUT
I came from Switzerland to do my Ph.D. in the Czech Republic. My research is in Advanced Instrumentation and Methods for Materials Characterization, with a background in geology and archaeometry. I focus on the analysis of cultural heritage objects like paintings and statues at micro-scale.
Victory Jacques
Vinicius Tadeu Santana
Junior Researcher / CEITEC BUT
I moved to Brno in 2018 to do material research at CEITEC. Apart from my research, I like working with my students and seeing them grow. With my wife and two-year-old son, we love to spend as much time in nature as possible and travel around Brno and South Moravia.
Vinicius Tadeu Santana

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