Vinicius Tadeu Santana
Vinicius Tadeu Santana
Junior Researcher
I moved to Brno in 2018 to do material research at CEITEC. Apart from my research, I like working with my students and seeing them grow. With my wife and two-year-old son, we love to spend as much time in nature as possible and travel around Brno and South Moravia.
What did Brno give you?
I finished my Ph.D. in Brazil and found a postdoc position online from a researcher in Stuttgart. He got an ERC grant and wanted my expertise in his team, so I agreed to move to Europe. Only then I found out the position was in Brno.
3 things you love about Brno?
My wife and I have a special connection to Brno because our son was born here. We don't like big cities, and Brno is small, but with all the advantages of a big city. It has this amazing public transport system, and my research center is so international I can work and do everything in English. We also like the great number of activities for kids, such as museums, libraries, and many swimming pools.