Luke Janowski
Luke Janowski
After working for some of the biggest world banks, I now run a start-up called pleXpad. Our goal is to make renting office space easy and convenient. We offer an online platform connecting office providers to people and companies wanting to rent spaces. Although pleXpad is a British company, we based the development team in Brno.
What did Brno give you?
I moved to Brno to run a start-up with my business partner. He has a Czech wife and moved to the Czech Republic 6–7 years ago. Living in Brno is significantly cheaper than living in London or Paris, plus there is a lot of skilled labor.
3 things you love about Brno?
I love that the connection to London is so good here that I can go back and forth efficiently. In Brno, I live in the city center, and I can go for a drink at night because everything is very close and the streets are really safe, even at night. Also, what is brilliant about Brno is that it’s right in the middle of Europe, so going to Vienna or Dresden for business is very easy for me.