HR Contact
Veronika Stráníková
COMGUARD a.s. is a Value Added Distributor that has been specializing in IT security and providing expert services related to partner sales support since 2006. Our portfolio encompasses a wide range of security services and technologies that include data and communications protection, risk and threat assessment, log event monitoring and analysis, training center and other expert services.

We promote and implement new perspectives on IT security, share our experience with the professional community and offer optimal solutions according to the real needs of end customers. We provide quality technical, sales and marketing support and have certified professionals with years of expertise. Our company also develops and delivers unique expert services and provides customized training.
We also have a strong professional background which includes a full service, MSP certification, our own Competency Centre, training centre, project management capability and knowledge of ISMS and GDPR issues. We are also in contact with leading organisations in the cyber security industry.

We provide the highest level of service and are a reliable partner even in crisis situations. We can help with in-depth knowledge of IT security and network solutions. Our specialists are always one step ahead and think about future issues that may arise with new technologies.