Direct Fly is a Brno-based company producing ultralight all-metal aircraft, which are delivered to dozens of countries around the world. Since 2008, the company's main product is the Alto low-wing plane, which is suitable for recreational flying and training thanks to its robust construction and predictable flight characteristics. Nearly 200 of these aircraft are currently flying around the world, for example in Australia, Brazil, South Africa, France and Italy. 

Alongside production, Direct Fly is also involved in the development of ultralight aircraft. Currently, a prototype of a new all-metal STOL Cruiser is being tested, whose advantages will be the ability to take off and land on short and unpaved runways and unusually high cruising speed and flight performance for this category.

Direct Fly also has in-house manufacturing capabilities for forming and machining aluminium alloys and contour milling of various materials. The company's headquarters, design office and production facilities are located in Brno at Medlánky Airport.