Miroslav Molinek
Miroslav Molinek
Innovation Solution Architect

I came to #brnoregion in 2013 to study at FEKT BUT, which, together with practical project experience from the university's Students for Students club, gave me enough skills to lead the Internal Innovation Lab for Honeywell Technology Solutions from 2016. I am now an Innovation Solutions Architect, leading innovation for Honeywell's Safety & Productivity Solutions division and supporting partnerships with regional suppliers and startups. I am excited to mentor and tutor elementary/middle school and Czechitas students in the context of Honeywell's support of digital technology and artificial intelligence in the region and in my spare time, and I believe that preparing children early for the technologies of the future is a critical aspect of educational strategy.

What did Brno give you?

Brno has given me a meaningful education and opportunities for self-realization in the area of my passion –technology and innovation. The opportunity to be actively involved in the university environment through the many student societies and to make many friendships with like-minded, enthusiastic and creative people. Finally, Brno also gives me the perfect environment to maintain work-life balance through the perfect environment to recharge my energy in the parks, surrounding nature and the city centre nightlife.

3 things you love about Brno?

Being able to find great coffee anywhere in the centre within one minute and constantly discovering new establishments. A public FabLab workshop and the use of advanced technology for your own home creations. Supporting innovation, entrepreneurship and startups through JIC and coworking spaces like ImpactHub.