Victory Jacques
Victory Jacques
Ph.D. Student
I came from Switzerland to do my Ph.D. in the Czech Republic. My research is in Advanced Instrumentation and Methods for Materials Characterization, with a background in geology and archaeometry. I focus on the analysis of cultural heritage objects like paintings and statues at micro-scale.
What did Brno give you?
Before the end of my master's studies, I emailed several places asking for open positions. And one of the answers I received was an offer for a Ph. D. topic, with a supervisor, and a scholarship for research. The topic was super interesting, so I was like, "Wow, how can I refuse such an offer?" So I came, and now I have lived here for almost four years.
3 things you love about Brno?
Brno is a very inviting city. You have a lot of activities, and the people are friendly here. It's not as huge as other European cities, but it’s in the centre of everything. If you like going to bigger cities, you can get there for very cheap and quickly from Brno. I love going for a walk, reading, and enjoying my time here. We often travel around with my friends and always marvel at the beautiful places you can discover.