Nick Vlasov
Nick Vlasov
Product Manager
I’m an IT specialist in Progress (Product manager) working on network traffic monitoring solutions. I have two kids (boys, 2 and 5 years old). I’m keen on AI and top-edge technologies and all about start-ups and their early stages of growth.
What did Brno give you?
I have relocated to Brno as an expat. We visited Brno in 2016 with my wife and loved this city. When there was an opportunity to move precisely to Brno, there were no hesitations in the decision. Especially when I got the opportunity to join Progress, a company I had heard so many good things about.
3 things you love about Brno?
I feel great, still exploring many things around the city, like nature, food and how things work. I am finally starting to learn Czech, which I hope will simplify my life. There are for sure things I’m struggling with, such as medical insurance for kids, which I must pay until I get permanent residence, but it’s ok.