Pavel Šafl
Pavel Šafl
Founder, Researcher
OMG Robotics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication BUT
My company is a young team from Brno who met at the Brno University of Technology. We cooperate with primary and secondary schools, universities and leisure centres. We have always been interested in robotics and electronics, but we have often encountered inadequate equipment and insufficient knowledge of teachers to teach these fields. Nowadays we develop, design and manufacture electronics for easy programming with simple platforms such as micro:bit so that anyone can play with electronics and learn programming with our products. We combine micro:bits with 3D printing to make affordable robotic toys that you can endlessly change and invent new uses for. Our electronics are suitable for robotic toys as well as for measuring a wide range of variables, whether at home or at school.
What did Brno give you?
I moved to Brno seven years ago and graduated from the Brno University of Technology, so it gave me mainly good education. At the school I also met the co-founder of our company and therefore it gave me the opportunity to meet amazing and creative people.
3 things you love about Brno?
One thing is definitely the mentality of local people, which is relaxed, friendly and most importantly: people here are innovative and open to new things. The other thing is definitely meeting inspiring people who can push me forward and the third thing I love about South Moravia is the excellent wine.