Tomáš Borůvka
Tomáš Borůvka
Product Marketing Manager
After earning my degree in materials chemistry from Masaryk University, I started working for TESCAN, where we develop electron microscopes and distribute them worldwide. Our goal is to deal with the challenges that microscope users face and provide them with complete, user-friendly workflows. My primary focus in R&D was on single beam SEM applications and general workflows. I am now starting a new adventure as a Product Marketing Manager.
What did Brno give you?
I've had many amazing experiences in Brno! For example, I met my wife here, received an excellent education, and made good friends. While I was in university, I attained a solid foundation in research methodology, learned how to constantly seek out new information, and was introduced to the fascinating world of electron microscopy. These things have been instrumental in shaping my career.
3 things you love about Brno?
I love the fact that within 10 minutes, you can go from world-class technology companies or universities to a forest full of deer, and within a few minutes, you can be sitting in a café enjoying a great cup of coffee.