#brnoregion launches the Dealroom ecosystem database

1. June 2023
We have joined a network of more than 75 governments around the world mapping their tech ecosystems. The Dealroom platform is a live database of startups, funding rounds and investors that make up the #brnoregion ecosystem. It is a tool for both founders and investors in Brno and South Moravia. Find new business opportunities and spread the word about your company! 
#brnoregion launches the Dealroom ecosystem database

The comprehensive, open-access database gives you a picture of the #brnoregion tech and innovation ecosystem. But it only shows the data that it has collected so far. We need you to make it even better! Help us represent the thriving local business scene by joining the region’s map.

How to use 

  1. Sign up for free and create a profile: Begin by registering on the Dealroom platform and creating a comprehensive profile for your company. Provide relevant information about your business, including its industry, stage of development, and funding requirements. Be sure to highlight your unique value proposition and growth potential to attract potential investors. 

  1. Explore investor database: Utilize the platform's investor discovery tools to explore the extensive investor database. Filter investors based on criteria such as industry focus, investment stage, and geographical preferences. Study investor profiles to identify those aligned with your start-up's vision and goals. 

  1. Present your start-up: Leverage the platform's features to present your start-up in the best possible light. Create a comprehensive pitch deck, financial projections, and other supporting documents. 

  1. Engage in due diligence: Collaborate with investors through the platform to conduct due diligence. Respond promptly to their requests for additional information and address any concerns they may have.  

Explore the tech ecosystem in #brnoregion!

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