Since 1994, the Czech company PSI (Photon Systems Instruments) has specialized in designing and producing top, sophisticated tools for biological research.

PSI develops and sells unique devices and technologies. It recently completed a number of Czech as well as international projects, with products like PlantScreen – high throughput screening, laboratory bioreactors, fluorometers, SpectraPens, FytoScopes, and many others. Numerous economic indicators and sales both show how successful these products are. The company invests heavily into its development in order to become very competitive on the market. Its entire strategy is based on the development of unique devices that are subsequently produced in serial production for the global market. Many of these devices are produced within an extremely short time frames based on current requirements of scientists, which is one of the main strengths of PSI. And this certainly contributed to the fact that Martin Trtílek, founder of the company, was awarded the title of Technology Businessman of 2016.

All device and instrument development takes place on the PSI premises in its own laboratories, where testing is performed under the supervision of experienced and qualified specialists. In 2015, the company also opened its new research centre.
The company currently also runs branches in Albuquerque (USA) and Melbourne (Australia).

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