• Brno = 6th most popular student city in the world
  • A student city: 2/10 people in Brno are students
  • 62,000 university students
  • 14,000 university students are foreigners
  • 3 campuses, one being the largest university construction project in Central Europe
  • Fantastic food and drink: coffee, beer, wine, international cuisine
  • Student chill out: parks for cozy picnics and lazy days, urban forest for jogging or romantic dates, and city vista with a charming atmosphere
  • Lowest unemployment rate in the EU
  • A place where you can achieve global success

What to expect in a place with 11 universities and 125 secondary schools? Youth, vitality, love and life! This city is bursting with life! Plenty of people stroll around the city centre, day or night and its perfect size mean you’ll usually meet someone you know anywhere you go. Hundreds of cafés offer fine spaces to study, meet friends or spend a lazy afternoon.
Education is provided in a high quality and life costs are among the lowest in the EU, so you can easily afford to study at a prestigious university, live in the city centre and still have plenty of spending money to spare. Explore the amazing landscapes around Brno? Go swimming at the Reservoir? Admire the unique cave system of Moravian Karst, or enjoy a cycling trip to see the Venus of Dolní Věstonice? Go for it. Whatever you want to do. The many, many attractions in Brno put it at the top of many young people’s favourite places to live.


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