Coming first time

In case this is your first stay in Brno, you need elementary information on transport, boarding and more: “starter info pack“. No matter if you come on holiday or intend to stay, great sites to get useful information on #brnoregion include:


Organization praised and awarded worldwide for their care for expats. Their activities are beneficial and focus on those who live, study, and work in #brnoregion in long-term prospective. Relevant information is clearly organized in their Welcome Guide.

Go to brno

Web providing useful information on boarding and transport in Brno as well as list of topical events to go, places to see, and stuff to enjoy, eat and drink.

Brno municipality

The official information on residence permits and other life situations directly from the source.


Brno is surrounded by beautiful landscapes, amazing nature, and fantastic sights. If you want to set out on a trip as a well-informed tourist, check this out.

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