International Clinical Research Center (ICRC)
HR Contact
Karolína Macharáčková
We are a modern center of scientific excellence oriented on preclinical and clinical research, mainly in the fields of cardiology, neurology and oncology. We search for new diagnostic and therapeutic methods, technologies and drugs. By putting our findings into practice, we improve patient care and quality of life. In July 2022, we became a joint workplace of St. Anne's University Hospital Brno (FNUSA) and the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University (LF MU) in Brno. This opens new opportunities for mutual cooperation of experts in both FNUSA and LF MU, for teaching activities of young scientist as well as for grant applications. We develop relations and cooperation with other key players, both internationally and within our region. Our activities are included in the action plan for implementation of #brno2050 strategy, thus shaping the future of #brnoregion. Our history is marked by the partnership with the Mayo Clinic, which remains our main strategic international partner. Visit for more details about us.
We are proud to employ more than 400 people from 18 countries in our 23 research teams and 6 core facilities. We hold the HR Excellence in Research award, creating a space for professional development of researchers and ensuring transparent recruitment procedures. We are implementing the FNUSA-ICRC Gender Equality Plan for 2022–2024 to enhance equality and diversity at our workplace.
Gregor Johann Mendel, who discovered the laws of inheritance and thus has laid the foundations of modern genetics, started his career in our hospital in 1848. Join us to advance your career with us too.
Karolína Macharáčková is the HR partner for the ICRC's international scientific teams. She helps them to address their specific needs and fosters a friendly atmosphere and open environment so that each of our collaborators feels welcome and cared for. 

In the ICRC, we have experience with relocation, student work placements and foreign partnerships with scientific institutions. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We will help you to connect and integrate.