Acam Solution
HR Contact
Pavel Bortlík
The mission of Acam Solution s.r.o. is to enable the future world to prosper without limits and dependence on human labour by integrating modern technologies, especially robotics and automation.

The world's prosperity is still dependent on human labour. With the rising generations, people are becoming aware of the value of time and the quality of its enjoyment, leading to a lack of motivation to a reluctance to perform monotonous activities in a health-threatening environment. If mankind wants to maintain or increase its standard of living in the future, this situation must be addressed immediately.

ACAM was founded as a spin off of the founders' activities in the study of cybernetics in the field of research and development of automation units in reaction for this situation. We develop highly sophisticated robotic devices that enable repeatable and returnable production of new products or their inter-operational control. In practice, this means that we analyse production processes for our customers and, as part of their optimisation, develop machines that automatically perform the necessary operations.