ARBO Technologies
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Ondřej Kolařík
ARBO combines urban forestry knowledge with modern technology to increase the efficiency and accuracy of tree data collection outside the forest. We provide tree specialists with SaaS-based technology to better assess the actual condition of specific trees. The older the tree, the more ecological benefits it can provide to its surroundings. At ARBO, we strive to use new technologies to increase the average age of trees to maximize their benefits to us and future generations.

- ADBIAN: safety calculations that allow arborists to make informed decisions about tree maintenance and protection. Adbian uses computer vision and LiDAR to accurately assess the actual geometry of a tree. Approximately 1/3 of adult and senescent trees can be prevented from being felled with Adbian.

- TREE WATCH: a hardware and software solution that combines cameras, LiDARS and GPS to collect tree data 25 times faster than manual collection, while maintaining or increasing data accuracy.