The new exhibition shows you father of genetics in a modern style and introduces you Mendel as a personage of many interests. The set up of the exhibition is in chronological order and points out Mendel's great interest during his life. Thanks to the new technology of projecting pictures, important documents and videos and an oversized glass display, you will have an amazing opportunity to see not only the explanation of genetics in a different view  but also the remote places where Mendel lived and worked during his life. 

Besides the promotion of Mendel's legacy, the museum is also a place to promote all scientific disciplines that students from Masaryk University can encounter. Mendel museum is becoming an important point for the connection of science with practice and is a meeting place for the general public within an academic environment by combining the practical requirements of a museum and the theoretical subject. One of the other activities of the museum is organizing lectures. Nobel Prize winners are amongst the speakers at the internationally known Mendel Lectures.