Network Security Monitoring Cluster (NSMC), the cooperative (20+ members) is a center of excellence, a knowledge platform, and a grouping of Czech companies and experts focused on information security. It was founded in 2010 in the South Moravian region, with its office in Brno. Most of its members are from the Czech Republic (one is from Slovakia, one is from Vietnam). The NSMC’s ambition is to become an interregional grouping. Its members are private subjects and one member is a secondary school, all of which cooperate closely with academia. The NSMC is able to implement information security in any organization using its own products, know-how and solutions (legislation, organizational and technical measures, evangelization, education, penetration testing, auditing, and so on). The cluster operates its own SOC, is the author of a cyber security educational program for Secondary schools and was involved in the creation of the Czech Republic Cybersecurity Act and its harmonization with EU NIS. The NSMC participated in creating Vietnam’s cybersecurity act too and its main partner is Brno Masaryk University.