Transport research centre

Since 2014 is CDV on the list of expert institutes in the fields of:

  • urban transport and road transport
  • traffic psychology
  • the impact of transport on the quality and air cleanness
  • air protection from effects caused by transport
  • transport construction, engineering constructi­on, building materials
  • measurement and evaluation of noise pollution from traffic  

Institution activities:
  • research and development activities at national level for all modes of transport
  • benefits for development of transport sector
  • conceptual, methodological, information services for the Mini­stry of Transport with additional activities
  • application of knowledge of research and consultancy services to operators in the transport sector
  • international cooperation - e.g. UK, USA, Norway, China, Slovakia, Germany
  • membership in international associations – ECTRI, FERSI, FEHRL, POLIS, ICTCT, ETSC, ELITE, THE PEP, HUMANIST VCE, SAE, ERTRAC, ASCE, TRB, ASTM, ELCF, FGSV

Our laboratories are accredited to carry out a set of tests for testing of fresh and hardened concrete, hardened mortars, selected tests of soils and pavement characteristics, testing of optical properties of vertical traffic signs and horizontal road markings, roughness / skid resistance character of the road surface and horizontal road marking and measuring of the dimensions of vehicles.