Brno hosts the most important European meeting of innovation centres

8. June 2023

What role does innovation play in times of uncertainty? This is the fundamental question that this year's EBN Congress is asking. A number of personalities from major European innovation institutions and incubators will come to Brno this year to lecture and discuss.

Brno hosts the most important European meeting of innovation centres
This prestigious conference dedicated to supporting innovation, entrepreneurship and regional development will be hosted by Brno for the first time this year, bringing a whole new dimension to the #brnoregion innovation ecosystem. Taking place on 14–15 June 2023, the conference will provide an opportunity to meet key players and experts in innovation from across Europe.

"We started planning the congress about a week after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We told ourselves that no sooner had we emerged from the pandemic than another crisis began. We agreed that innovation helps to adapt to rapid change and that in these turbulent times the ability to innovate and create new, novel solutions is even more important. The main idea will therefore be about what innovation gives to society in times of extreme uncertainty," says David Uhlíř, describing the main theme that will accompany this year's EBN Congress.

Inspiring lectures, interactive workshops, panel discussions and friendly gatherings will fill the spaces at the Intercontinental Hotel in Brno, the Kumst creative hub and the Open Gardens. Topics include:
  • Collaboration and partnerships to support regional innovation
  • Nurturing innovation ecosystems
  • Key success factors in technology support programmes
  • Supporting entrepreneurship in Ukraine
  • Addressing financing challenges in a high-tech Europe
  • Supporting innovation in the areas of space, green technologies, creative and gaming industries, ICT and digital transformation.
EBN Congress is a regular meeting of representatives of the EBN (European Business and Innovation Centre Network), which brings together European innovation centres, incubators and other organisations supporting entrepreneurship, startups, scaleups. The aim of the organisation is to promote entrepreneurship, foster innovation and contribute to economic growth and sustainable development.

"The fact that EBN gives us the confidence to organise the congress shows that we are respected. It shows that we are no longer - as we were fifteen years ago - the so-called poor relations from the East. As a region, we are strong partners, and I'm really happy about that," explains Uhlíř, adding that the congress is an ideal opportunity to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the JIC.

Browse the agenda, list of speakers and other information on the #EBN2023 website

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