Take a peek at Game Access Conference 2023!

5. June 2023
Developers from the biggest game studios in the world gathered in #brnoregion this weekend to enjoy Game Access Conference. Here is a quick report. 
Take a peek at Game Access Conference 2023!

Hot news in Czech GameDev

Game Access is most importantly a showcase for independent and larger studios. Right at the entrance, visitors were greeted by a presentation of Ingame Studios with their recently released Crime Boss: Rockay City, starring Chuck Norris. Or the retrogame room, where CRT monitors were lit up with gems like Prince of Persia and Doom.

Ashborne Games from Brno made available a playable demo of their historical strategy game, which they are working on for the third year and which, according to earlier information, is being developed with a budget of 150 million crowns. They're not revealing the name or setting – although an announcement is said to be imminent – but the company, which belongs to entertainment giant Embracer (as well as Slovak sister studio Nine Rocks Games, whose hunting simulator was up for grabs next door), is developing a Czech variation on Company of Heroes.

leading industry players in Brno

The most esteemed guest this time was David Mullich. The American gaming veteran was behind the third, most appreciated by many fans, fantasy strategy game Heroes of Might & Magic. Mullich's talk kicked off the whole Game Access experience - that is, after a brief opening concert in which a string quartet played songs drilled into gamers' memories from the Heroes III soundtrack in particular – and the veteran designer drew on his rich career to outline the pitfalls and joys of creating video games.

Most of the speakers came to Brno from foreign studios, even from the largest companies in the field. Ubisoft and the Assassin's Creed brand were represented by narrative designer Sarah Beaulieu, Will Shen from Bethesda talked about Skyrim, Troy Johnson from Warner Bros. Games. Michael Paeck from THQ Nordic added the producer/publisher perspective.

Gamebaze, the first-ever Czech game incubator was introduced at Game Access 2023. The main goal of the incubator is to provide workspace, education and mentoring for game start-up projects.

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