The Technical Museum in Brno focuses mainly on the history of technologies in Moravia, but its collections expand outside this territory as well. It offers select collections of airplanes, steam and water engines, clockworks, the history of computer technology, optics, metal casting, the metallurgical industry, mechanical music, objects designed for the blind, historical stereo vision, the history of the local Masaryk Racing Circuit, automobiles from the Czech socialist period, and more. Its long-term exhibitions are complemented by temporary ones, like DESIGN.S, Industry in Moravia 1918, Clocks from Schwarzwald.

The Technical Museum is in charge of six other historical buildings located outside of Brno, with three of them being official cultural sites of national importance (the watermill in Slup, the windmill in Kuželov, and the Old Ironworks near Adamov). Each of them introduces the history of various disciplines. Among its historical buildings are a Baroque blacksmithery in Těšany, the Šlakhamr mechanical blacksmith’s shop in Hamry nad Sázavou, and the Infantry Block in Šatov. The sites are open from spring to autumn and, just like the main building on Purkyňova Street in Brno’s Královo Pole municipality, a number of events take place there to show how people used to live and work.

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