• Lowest unemployment rate in the EU
  • 2nd best place in the world to find a job according to expats
  • 10th most expat-friendly country in the world 
  • World leader for leisure-time activities for kids and 4th best place for family life in general
  • Brno Expat Centre: a unique centre helping foreign experts relocate and start enjoying life here
  • Ideal environment for growth, from startups to foreign corporations
  • Safety, pleasant Central European climate and four seasons
  • Perfectly accessible from anywhere in Europe
  • A place where you can achieve global success
  • High quality of life at reasonable prices
  • International environment: 64,000+ foreigners

We provide background to creative people who see nonviolent innovation as the hope and future of the world. Each and every idea matters and we want everybody to succeed in #brnoregion, no matter how big or small their plans are. We want the best for you, and you’ll have our best support and help to get there.

You’ll have everything you need to turn an idea into an efficient project, and being somehow sheltered, you’ll be able to develop, pamper and explore various directions before choosing the best way to go. If you want to change and improve the world through a nonviolent innovation, #brnoregion is the best place to go!


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