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Find out what makes #brnoregion the perfect place to live
best city for expat family life
most peaceful country in the world (Global Peace Index)
best healthcare system worldwide – moreover free and public

happiest country in the world (

Reasonable cost of living

One of #brnoregion’s advantages is a very reasonable cost of living. 
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Ask locals 

If you have any questions, just ask #brnoregion’s expats!
Vinicius Tadeu Santana
Junior Researcher / CEITEC BUT
I moved to Brno in 2018 to do material research at CEITEC. Apart from my research, I like working with my students and seeing them grow. With my wife and two-year-old son, we love to spend as much time in nature as possible and travel around Brno and South Moravia.
Vinicius Tadeu Santana
Vinicius Corbellini
Software Developer / SAP Labs Czech Republic
I come from Brazil, but I also have Italian citizenship. I used to live in Spain, where I met my girlfriend, who is Czech, and we moved to Brno in 2021. We both work in big international companies. In our free time, we love to go hiking with our dog or go out with friends.
Vinicius Corbellini
Bruno Zalubil
Copywriter/Marketing / Jetveo
I have lived in Brno with my family for more than 16 years. In the United States, I was a sports journalist and worked as a publicist for professional horse racing. After moving to the Czech Republic, I switched to teaching English, writing, and editing. Now I work in marketing and copywriting at Jetveo, a software start-up that builds low-code web applications.
Bruno Zalubil
Maggie Martin
Financial Analyst / Atlas Copco
I have lived in Brno for over nine years with my partner and our son. After graduating from university, I started working as an English teacher at a language school. My friend then mentioned an open position for an English speaker with German at the shared service center at Atlas Copco. I never dreamed of working in finance, but it seems to be my thing.
Maggie Martin

Important contacts

These organisations will help you to become a member of #brnoregion’s community.

Centre for Foreigners of the South Moravian region

The Centre helps foreigners with integration into Czech society. They offer free language courses, legal and social consultations, sociocultural lectures, and multicultural activities. 
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Brno Expat Centre

Brno Expat Centre is a free public service supported by the City of Brno, dedicated to helping foreign professionals. Their mission is to help you make Brno your new home.
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Go To Brno

Discover what Brno has to offer with the comprehensive online guide to local culture, history, tourist attractions, gastronomy, sports, and more. Go to Brno also features a great calendar with a wide selection of events for you to choose from. 
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South Moravia

Choose your adventure with the South Moravia travel guide. Plan your trip and take in all of the beautiful scenery, nature, and traditions.
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