A good address for innovation business

2. July 2019
More and more people are calling #brnoregion a Metropolis of Science, the centre of research and development, and a great place for all the active people whose ideas change the world for the better. A quick glance at history reveals the foundation that has made this possible.
A good address for innovation business

It was in Brno where Gregor Johann Mendel (the father of modern genetics) worked and where Viktor Kaplan created his original turbine. And it’s also where hundreds of the world’s most state-of-the-art electron microscopes are produced every year.

Our discoveries and inventions that have changed the world:

Mendelian Laws of Inheritance – rules governing the inheritance of particular traits. These rules are based on works by Gregor Mendel published in 1866 that document the decades of experiments he performed in Brno.
Kaplan Turbine – a propeller-type water turbine invented by Viktor Kaplan, a professor at the Technical University in Brno. His design resulted from thousands of experiments carried out over a decade (1910 – 1920). It is still the most significant and frequently used type of turbine at large hydro power stations worldwide.
Table-Top Transmission Electron Microscope Tesla 242 – awarded a gold medal at EXPO 58 in Brussels. This unique user-friendly electron microscope sized to fit on a desk was sold in great numbers and produced for the longest-ever period of time. Made by the team of Armin Delong.

Doing business in #brnoregion

What’s the ace card #brnoregion plays to become the best environment for doing business? Interconnection! For a long time now, we’ve been successful at bringing the public, private as well as academic sectors together, and the results of this cooperation are apparent wherever you go. There are dozens of successful local as well as foreign companies here, renowned all over the world, such as Kiwi.com or Y Soft. It’s the perfect size to make establishing precious business relationships simple and even enjoyable. And another advantage of #brnoregion? Education! Its strategic location in the centre of Europe, right at the source of qualified university students who speak foreign languages, has made it a popular location to do business in Europe.

What’s more, there’s a large number of accelerator programs for entrepreneurs (www.jic.cz, www.hubbrno.cz) to use as they start to establish small start-ups or manage a successful company, as well as for those looking for a suitable opportunity to invest. Businesses are supported here in all their stages, even in the very initial one when the potential company is only an idea in someone’s head. When it comes to innovation, we get started early: Our KaPoDaV project educates and nurtures elementary school students into entrepreneurs and guides high school and university students on their way, as well.

Research & development

Total investments in R&D have reached CZK 15 billion, and #brnoregion is the second most important region for research organisations in the Czech Republic, after Prague. The main reason is the great concentration of universities in Brno as well as the eight institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences and six of its branches. A very important role is also played by the dynamic development of businesses doing their own R&D; currently, there are 170 companies investing over CZK 5 million into their own R&D.

Over the past 20 years, 4 Centres of Excellence, 11 Regional Research Centres focused on applications, and 3 Centres of Competence financed through the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic have been established in #brnoregion. 

Among the thriving spheres of R&D in #brnoregion are life sciences, chemistry and non-metal materials, information technologies, physics, metal materials and machinery electronics and instrumentation. 

Unique infrastructure

One of the major reasons to do research here is our unique infrastructure which makes it possible to combine various methods and procedures in a single place. In Brno, you can find the best-equipped laboratories for nuclear magnetic resonance (MMR) spectroscopy in Central Europe (Josef Dadok National NMR Centre, CEITEC), Multimodal and Functional Imaging (CEITEC), Core Facility Cryo-Electron Microscopy and Tomography, equipment for climatic measurements, and CEITEC Nano Research (Brno University of Technology).

Our achievements

Just have a look at some of the great achievements that make us proud and keep us pushing forward.

Why here?

There are so many reasons to stay, live, and do business or research and development in #brnoregion. Some people appreciate the local top-quality teams of scientists and globally competitive research centres while others like the support this region and its people offer to those doing business. There’s one more thing worth mentioning, though: #brnoregion is an excellent place to work and live as well as one of the safest places in the world. A place which is just right in a number of ways: small enough for everybody to live a quiet life, make friends and start a family, while big enough for the global success they can achieve from here.

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