The joys of coworking in #brnoregion

26. June 2023
Every creative person understands how difficult it is to come up with genuinely good ideas. They, like mushrooms in the wild, require the correct conditions to develop into something remarkable. To find those conditions, a growing number of people have been moving out of classic offices and into unique places where they can get inspired by others. What are the top coworking spaces in Brno?
The joys of coworking in #brnoregion
When Jonathan Robinson established the very first Impact Hub in London in 2005, it’s quite likely he had no idea that it would grow into the huge community of people all over the world it is today. Almost every major city boasts one of the incubators for social innovations, and there are four in the Czech Republic: two in Prague, one in Ostrava, and, one of course, in Brno.

The Impact Hub in Brno is quite unique, as it has been the largest one in Europe since opening its second building in 2017. Originally a abandoned factory hall from the 1970s it is a combination of a place to work and relax, complemented by the services of a business incubator. Impact Hub’s focus on the development of socially-responsible business, devoted not only to profit but also to benefiting people and the environment, set it apart from the rest. Thanks to its exceptionally large floor space of over 3,400 m2 and an extensive community, the Brno Impact Hub has quickly become a major place for anyone serious about innovations. In 2019, Impact Hub Czech Republic was awarded the “Best Coworking Space” in Central European Startup Awards! This place is quiet enough to get work done, while busy enough to network.
Kumst is a creative hub that redefines coworking. This sanctuary for creatives of all fields – from architecture to game development – fosters an environment where creativity, talent, and innovation thrive. Kumst, a name that merges art and entrepreneurship, is a symbol of the Brno's German roots and the Czechs entrepreneurial spirit. With the backing of JIC, an organization that supports business development in the Brno region, Kumst aims to help creatives retain their integrity while growing their ideas and business know-how.

RadoWork: a safe space for people with disabilities

Coworking with assistance, coffee and tea, positioning tables... RadoWork offers a shared accessible workspace for people with disabilities who want to work outside of home. The space was founded by Jenda and Tomas, two people passionate about traveling and extreme sports, whose goal is to bring joy of travel to all people without distinction as well as support people with disabilities in their careers. RadoWork offers a group of new colleagues and friends to work with, as well as the certainty of help when it is required: the office space is attended at all times by an assistant, who can help when clients need assistance going to the restroom or buying coffee.
With a massive space of up to 4000 m² located in the heart of Brno, Clubco is uniquely positioned as an attractive choice for tech professionals​. Built by the developer giant CTP, Clubco is situated in a former textile manufacturing complex, which was part of the enterprise boom at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. At that time, the textile industry was driving the city's progress. Today, as Brno experiences a similar upswing centered on innovation and technology, Clubco serves as a dynamic community for entrepreneurs.

Jaga: a meeting spot for coffee-loving freelancers

Café JAGA is a super popular coffee spot for coworking where you can sit for hours with a mug of batch brew. The shared work tables are usually filled by students or university proffesors (since the café is near several university buildings), coders, designers, journalists and other freelancers who meet there almost every day and have become Jaga regulars. Bonus points: every table has a power extension cord hanging from the ceiling! 
Become part of the #brnoregion startup community of budding entrepreneurs and follow in the footsteps of stars like or Y Soft! JIC cowork is here for startups with their own product or service, founders of university spinoffs looking for a space outside academia, and  students with a business idea who want help and networking opportunities. 




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