31. October. 2017
Region of South Moravia is one of leading centres of science, research, and innovation in Europe. Let´s check if you belong to this region too!

Great number of students and opportunities offered by companies based in the region contribute to the special environment which produces ideas changing the world. We do want to change the world for better: we are dynamic, active, and the region where we live means the world to us.

Home is so much more than just a word. It is the background and support to the new projects, adventures; it helps us discover, explore and develop our professional and personal skills.

We think positive and believe that when working together we do achieve and reach for the best. Anybody willing to join in and participate in something big is always welcome.

Nobody is perfect (yet)

No half-hearted solutions are accepted; we want to achieve the best, even if it involves some trial and error. Mistakes and errors are vital ingredients of progress, so we are willing to take risks, try something else and different to grow as long as we believe in the aim we are heading for. We are aware of who we are and we also understand our limits.

We know that no pain is no gain but when you work hard you also deserve to play hard.

Everybody needs and deserves to find the fine balance of professional and social lives, define the line where the two work in perfect harmony and complement each other. Anybody searching for the right balance of professional and personal, for the best connection of nature and technology, traditional and modern, adventurous and well established is welcome.

We actively seek and support all who share our enthusiasm in exploring new ways and in inventing new processes. We seek future thinkers and makers. We seek those who question, go deeper, dare ask for more. If you value the same, join us and help us develop the world where innovation is born without compromise and casualties.

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Petr Chládek: “The Marshall Plan for Ukraine is an opportunity for all of Europe.”
11. July. 2022
Petr Chládek: “The Marshall Plan for Ukraine is an opportunity for all of Europe.”
Supporting innovations is crucial for regional development, which is why Petr Chládek, CEO at the JIC innovation agency, believes that innovations will be key to restoring Ukraine after the war. Here’s an interview on how #brnoregion may benefit from our support.