In April 2017 an IT company Artin introduced unlimited holiday. Their web informs that they are not interested in overworked employees sitting in the offices only to do their time. It may be a little step for mankind but certainly a great leap for all those in #brnoregion who try to balance professional and private lives and even the scales.

The unlimited holiday is allowed in one and only company in #brnoregion (probably the one and only in all the Czech Republic), undoubtedly with many people believing this is a radical and extreme benefit thinking. Do you really need a concession of this measure to make employees feel a bit better at work?

Who knows. This could be a milestone. The models of the past demanding employees to be available 24/7 shall not survive, and attempts of the past two decades also seem ridiculous: informal Fridays, three days of father’s leave following the birth of a baby, work from home one day a month and free coffeemaker stuff... none of the aforementioned solves the very problem.

#brnoregion searches and believes in a better solution. Something to tip the scales and balance all aspects of a human life without draining the human of all their energy and the employer of their drive, something to help everybody prosper.

That enchanted term: work - life balance

There are many companies and people in #brnoregion who are busy thinking in terms of work - life balance. They discuss, argue and ask questions. They are changing. It is a challenge. Everybody knows it is not easy to balance the time of professional and personal lives when one is lacking. There is little hope in life if the only time to relax is in the retirement age. We now understand that we have put most of the bits that our lives are made of in the mosaic of the big picture somehow wrong. Will we be able to fix it?

Let us look for a working compromise. We in #brnoregion believe that details matter. A good balance in life does not necessarily mean dramatic changes but small changes and little steps in the right direction to actually improve the quality of life.

Do it your way

We are in the stage of asking questions and we need you to help us find answers. It is necessary to stop searching for answers outside, we need insiders to help solve the trouble. If you come, you will be present in the time of continuous small changes. The changes that may be inspired by you. We need to know how you understand the issues of work – life balance. What do they include? Perhaps they are the smallest things like having the opportunity to go to work cycling or cross-country skiing, take shower at work and then sit down at the office desk. Or do you prefer finalizing projects on the move, and wish to spend most of the office time outside the office block? Or does your idea of work – life balance involve something much different because you need to spend half of the week working from home and look after your family?

Or, most probably, do you have a completely different idea? Come and share your ideas with us in #brnoregion.

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