Student life in #brnoregion

Top priorities of a student include picking up the right field of study at the right school, cool gang of great friends to share the fun with, and good coffee and /or tea and nutrition available 24/7 to propel elementary life functions. Count in the modern city centre and beautiful landscape, endless list of sights and attractions and you get the best result: this is #brnoregion:
Student life in #brnoregion

One of Czech Crown Jewels discovered most often by foreign students rather than ordinary tourists. It is difficult to remain a tourist in Brno: when you come, you get absorbed in the city and its attractions so you do not experience your stay as a tourist, you enjoy your life here the same as a person living, working, thinking, inventing, researching and dreaming in #brnoregion.

14 universities make #brnoregion the region young in spirit, vivid and vital, struggling to improve and develop.

The city is rich in cafes and pubs where the young meet to complete their study tasks as well as enjoy delicious dishes and good beer or wine. If you do not get a seat in your favourite restaurant, there is another fine place to go few steps down the street. Everything seems “just round the corner” in Brno.

You can walk around the city centre and spare your feet thanks to the brilliant public transport system operating 24/7, e.g. the bus line network interconnects the main railway station with all suburban districts of the city day and night. The night service undoubtedly makes the nightlife in Brno much more enjoyable.


Nighlife in Brno is a special phenomenon: Most clubs in the city centre focus on students, Tuesday and Wednesday parties take place in clubs as well as campuses and many other fantastic locations (BTW praised by NYT) indoors and outdoors. Watch out! These locations might be extremely dangerous in credit weeks and exam fever. You will not escape unnoticed: There is always a risk of tempting invitation for a beer or two and the mathematics gets complicated (as you may know already).

#brnoregion has a lot to offer even to an introvert. Historical sights, truly unique (most often functionalist) architecture, sports of all kinds, culture and/or hundreds of kilometres of clearly marked hiking trails to explore nature which is open to everyone. All of those without noisy crowds and with just enough room to feel fine and comfortable.

Public space in Brno is another fantastic phenomenon. You can see students anywhere: reading in a park, chatting at a table in front of a cafe ... public space invites everyone to share and develop its functions. Last but not least, there is a range of public libraries where a student will spend (and enjoy spending) considerable part of their life.The best thing to do is to come and check it out.


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