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Are we boasting when saying the question is not WHETHER to study in Brno but WHAT to study, WHICH FIELD out of the many subjects to choose? Brno is students’ city as you can see at the very first sight as well as each and every moment after. Every semester streets, cafes, and auditoriums swell with 70,000 students, about 15,000 coming from abroad. We are very happy and grateful for that: the multicultural environment, drive, ideas and innovation arriving with the young people improve the city atmosphere, please the students themselves and make the locals happier too: the young energy, enthusiasm and resourcefulness truly are at home in Brno.

Five of our 12 universities are clearly more popular than the rest, however all of them make sure that each graduate gets a proper job in their field of expertise. Although they are still not of the worldwide reputation, they do excellent work and keep on growing.

Their achievements reflect in the recent charts by the prestigious Times Higher Education, listing Masaryk University on higher and higher positions, in the last poll placing it the exclusive circles of 2% best universities of the world.

Now you can choose between Technology and Humanities at this university whose most reputable and most wanted programmes include Medicine, Life Sciences, Science and IT. However, Humanities, Law and Economics follow.

#2 is the oldest Moravian university: Brno University of Technology (ranked in 2.3% of best universities of the world) teaching technologies since its foundation by the Emperor of Austria, Francis Joseph I. Probably the best preparation and greatest chance for a good job is guaranteed by graduation from Advanced Production and Engineering Technologies, Precise Machinery, SW & HW Development, Speech Technologies or Aviation.

More good news for lovers of nature: Mendel University in Brno provides tertiary education in Agriculture, Silviculture, Horticulture, Business Economics, or Regional Development. The University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Brno is the best authority if you aim at career in veterinary, ecologic, or pharmaceutical jobs.
University of Defence in Brno prepares officers of the Army of the Czech Republic as well as civil experts for the security systems of the republic, safety and security industries and public administration. It is the only military school in the Czech Republic so you will undoubtedly feel safe in Brno whatever you study.

In case you consider studying in Brno, you might use some information about student life in #brnoregion too. 

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