A famous Czech children’s song says that “statistics is boring, but its data won’t leave you snoring”. True, reading data isn’t always simple; on the other hand, though, we all know that relevant data is a critical part of any major decision in science, business, politics, etc. In general, data plays quite a role in our entire lives. As scientist Jan Lukačevič said in an interview with us: “I am optimistic because I don’t read the newspaper too much. I study valid data.”

To offer others the same chance at optimism, we decided to dive deep and dig up some data related to our region. We then converted it into human speech and easy-to-understand charts and wrapped it all up in a package named Data Report 2020. Among lots of other facts, you’ll learn that every fourth graduate from technical and science faculties in the entire Czech Republic studied at a university in South Moravia, and that #brnoregion is on the same level as advanced regions of Germany, UK, and Belgium when it comes to knowledge intensity. And the brochure contains so much more information! Feel free to download it in Czech as well as English from our toolbox. Have an optimistic read!

21. 05. 2020


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