Innovate your travelling!

How can you save money on the road, entertain your kids on a trip or discover the world from your couch at home? We have a couple of great tips from creative and clever heads from #brnoregion.
Innovate your travelling!

Planning with a clever map Sygic Travel

Sygic Travel Maps are the first travelling-oriented maps in the world. Through an app downloaded into your mobile or at website you can easily find interesting spots, hotels, restaurants or shops at the place of your holiday. You can also easily discover popular and less well-known places or plan your way day by day.

Sygic Travel maps are available in several language versions.

Trip games with Geofun

How can you convince your kids to go on a trip with you to the countryside? You could try Geofun geolocation games. It’s a sophisticated mobile app for smartphones and tablets which shows you in an entertaining and competitive form the most interesting places of the region. The game is based on popular geocaching, but it’s much more action-packed and adventurous. Throughout the game you can not only find interesting places all over the country but also carry out various tasks.

Download Geofun app free of charge.

Why don’t you drive to the Alps with a hired car?

Carsharing is already a quite well-known alternative to car ownership. You can borrow a car just for a couple of hours when you need to get something done, or for several days if you are spending a long weekend with your family.

Carsharing company has its fleet in Brno and Prague. Carsharing company Autonapůl hires its cars not only in Prague and Brno but also in Ostrava, Pilsen, Liberec, Olomouc, and other cities.

The price covers all fees including fuel, so you don’t have to pay anything extra. What’s more, all cars have an annual toll sticker for Czech, Slovak and Austrian motorways, so you can venture abroad without any worries.

A trip on an electric three-wheeler for the whole family

If you are bored with conventional cars, you can try also an alternative way of transport. IK Bike company carries on its business in southern Moravia, but also organizes regular rides in the picturesque countryside of Czech Canada in its special Ride-e wheelchairs. You don’t have to have a driving license to ride on this electric three-wheeler. So anyone from 15 to 99 can have a ride, including wheelchair-bound people.

Hunt down your flight ticket with

All flight ticket hunters probably know him already, but despite that we should not omit this immensely successful fare aggregator Czech and international media every so often refer to this company worth seventeen billion crowns and its founder Oliver Dlouhý.

How can you use for your travels? Quite simply. You enter point of departure and your destination, date or an interval when you would like to set off and then you just choose the cheapest flight ticket or their combination.

If you have no idea where to head off, you can just enter “wherever” instead of a concrete destination and you can go see the world for just a couple of crowns.

Barefoot shoes for walks in the countryside and also in town

The last thing you should not miss is barefoot shoes. This isn’t just any trend, it’s is a return to a natural working of our bodies. Whether you set off to the countryside, ride on a bike just go swimming, barefoot shoes are an ideal choice. If you prefer a local brand, Pathik Shoes offers a wide variety of them. You will doubtless appreciate also their special earthing sandals that are so comfortable you will almost never feel them on your feet.

Skinners are perfect footwear for sports that offer freedom of socks and protection of shoes. It’s been developed by a duo of Skinners.

Run all over the world 

Do you relax at home? Never mind! You can get to know the whole world from there too. Thanks to video walks by Spotee you can walk from your living room to Champs Élyseés or jog in the morning through New York Central Park. The videorun system is useful for athletes running on a treadmill in a fitness center, while the video rehab system is appreciated by patients dealing with an injury or old-age pensioners.


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