Brno City Municipality is constantly striving to improve conditions for business and attract new investment and talents. One of the city’s priorities is local economic development, which is closely linked to quality of life and research, development, innovation and education. Brno City Municipality is supporting various programs implemented by JIC (e.g. Creative Vouchers)) and by Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce (international trade, Kontakt-Kontrakt cooperation platform).

Brno City Municipality is also targeting science popularisation and raising awareness among young people of science and technical education. Therefore, together with the private and academic sectors it is organising activities for their promotion (e.g. Days of Electron Microscopy in Brno , Brno Space Days, events organized by Brno Observatory and Planetarium). Through scholarships Brno Ph.D. alent it is also supporting Czech and foreign PhD students in scientific and technical fields at Brno universities.

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